Breakfast Popsicles + A Goodreads “Sprinkles!” Cookbook Giveaway

Looking to kick start a hot summer day? These chocolate & coffee frozen pudding pops are just the ticket! Take an average cup of joe and turn it into a stick of WHOA! Sugar-free instant pudding keeps the calories down while strong coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans keeps the caffeine level up, up, up! To celebrate mid-August I’m posting this Sprinkles inspired recipe (it’s not in the book), along with a  give-away at GoodReadsQuirk Books is giving away 25 free copies of my book, Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts which will be released October 15 th. Just click here to enter.

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  1. Chocolate and Coffee Frozen Pudding Pops

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