I want some figgy pudding!

How could I not after hearing that song year after year. So, I came up with this recipe for Chocolate & Coffee Figgy Pudding for my latest article in Broadway+Thresher so that you can have some too.

I don’t really have any winter holiday traditions, so when Broadway+Thresher invited me to present a holiday themed recipe, I turned to an idealized version of Christmas. For no other reason than remembrances of old carols my Christmas vision is set in England sometime in 1800’s. Obviously everyone has the appropriate accent, wears charming Victorian fashions, and eats figgy pudding and sugar plums along with their roasted goose. How enticing, right?

For my first concept, I wanted to explore the delectable sounding sugar plum. Having never seen or tasted a sugar plum, I may have over-romanticized these sweet sounding delights. I had imagined that they would sparkle as candlelight hit the surface of the perfectly ripe, sugar encrusted fruit and small children would laugh merrily will nibbling on them.

In reality, sugar plums are blobs of dried fruit stuck together with molasses.

Quickly losing my enthusiasm for tarry preserved fruit blobs, I turned instead to figgy pudding for inspiration. Here was a real winner. Dark, rich and subtly sweet the figs are offset by decadent cocoa flavors making this a complex, somewhat sophisticated, warm winter dessert. For the full experience, I strongly suggest you serve your pudding with cognac or perhaps mulled wine (recipe also included) while sitting by a roaring fire. If you want, you can even let some visions of sugar plums dance in your head. 

Then again, maybe not.