Easy Grilled Mini Pizzas With Edible Flowering Herbs

One of  the best ways to learn how to cook is to follow other people’s recipes, and since I cook, style and then photograph chef’s recipes for the Food Network’s website, I’m constantly learning new things. My most recent project was photographing pizzas and I was really inspired by two of the recipes; a breakfast pizza from Giada De Laurentis, and a grilled fruit pizza from Bobby Flay.  Both dishes used Mascarpone cheese, which I’d never cooked with before, and Bobby Flay’s recipe explains how to grill pizza, which I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve got a huge patch of oregano flowering in my garden right now, and since the flowers are both edible and tasty, I decided to celebrate Spring with these grilled pizzas garnished with oregano flowers. Flowering thyme, or rosemary would also be pretty and work just as well. Keep an eye on your garden and then as soon as you see your herbs flowering make this pizza ASAP!

mini pizzas with orgeano flower by Jackie Alpers2


  1. I primarilly will tweak recipes but it looks like have thought of everything here. Cant wait to try this one. Always like when I find someone who thinks “outside the box” like myself!

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