"The Muddler" Grilled Fruit Cocktail

I’m a bit muddled thanks to the help of my friends, and it smells a little bit like tequila in here. Lately, people have been sending me wonderful presents and coincidentally two of them were based on smashing citrus fruits and various high quality liquids together. Last week was clementines and olive oil, and this week it’s mandarins and cognac, resulting in Mandarine Napoleon — a liquor invented for and favored by the famous dictator who apparently loved food.

The aforementioned Mandarin Liquor didn’t arrive on accident. That and another amazing ingredient, curry infused bitters, were sent as a result of a cocktail developed in honor of this very blog (!) by the famed Warren Bobrow,  author of Apothecary Cocktails. Thanks Warren!  I would have never thought of this combination myself; grilled fruit, Tecnico tequila and mandarin flavored liquor topped with a few drops of the spicy curry flavored bitters.

You see, Warren loves to muddle. It’s in his bloodline, His father was a muddla’ his mudda was a muddla’. “His mudda was a muddla?” you may ask. Yes! What did I just say?

The Happy Plate Cocktail

2 shots* Tecnico tequila
1/2 shot* Mandarine Napoleon
Grilled pineapple
Grilled orange
Grilled lime
Grilled grapefruit
3 drops Bitter End Curry Bitters

*Note: 1 shot = 2 ounces

Grill the fruits over hardwood charcoal until just charred (about 3-4 minutes on each side)
Muddle about a chunk (1″ or so) of each in a cocktail glass
Add the Tecnico
Add the Mandarin Napoleon
Shake (with ice) and Strain into a tall glass
Finish with three drops of the Bitter End Curry Bitters and garnish with a slice or two of the grilled fruit.

Fruit on the Grill

Grilling fruit for the muddler cocktail

Platter of fruit all ready to go.

grilling fruit for cocktail-65

Muddling the ingredients in a tall bar glass. I’m using my Le Creuset pestle


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