Apparently, in the olden days, every casino in Las Vegas offered a $1.79 chicken dinner. If you won a $2.00 bet, you’d have enough money to buy one, so the dealer would shout, “Winner, winner chicken dinner “. Chicken is still pretty cheap, so you, dear reader, can be a winner every time you make one of these recipes.

I’m also a winner, because I enjoyed every minute that I spent marinating, rubbing, grilling and, of course, eating chicken in order to develop these recipes for you and for the lovely folks over at iVillage.

Here are my photos of the dishes I came up with. Click here to get the recipes from TodayFood.

3-2020 Update: Hi folks these recipes are no longer up on the Today Food website. Click here to get the recipes. I’ve uploaded them to this website.

Thai Inspired Grilled Chicken


Sweet & Spicy Wings

Grilled sweet and spicy chicken-wings-Jackie-alpers

Italian Style Grilled Chicken With Parmesan and Sun-dried Tomatoes


Southwestern Grilled Chicken 

Southwestern style grilled chicken by Jackie Alpers