Consider the Artichoke

There was a basket of cute purple and green baby artichokes in the produce section of the market. My intent was to buy the larger globe artichokes for my recipe but these charmed me. I figured that I would grill these up and serve them with a lemon-butter dipping sauce. Then I realized that was all wrong. They needed to be marinated, not dipped and scraped like their larger counterparts. So, I boiled them up and placed them in a big bell jar with a simple Italian style marinade.

I’ve been known to eat one of those squat little jars of store-bought marinated artichokes in less than a minute, so I came up with a system to make them last longer. I pull off the leaves and eat them one-by-one before swallowing the little nub of heart that’s left. I end up covered in oil, which probably reduces my overall calorie intake (it’s listed at about 400 per jar). I kind of enjoy the mess, but the calories I can do without, so I made my version with a bit less oil.

Read my companion article for the magazine Broadway & Thresher, about the grilled artichokes with lemon butter that I made the next day.

A baby artichoke before it’s steamed.

baby artichokes -106-2

The artichokes marinating.