Low-carb Bacon-Wrapped Mexican Hot Dogs on Cheesy Cloud Buns

I made this low-carb bread replacement (often called “Oopsie Bread”) out of eggs and cream cheese from a recipe I’ve seen all over the internet. It turned out great. It smells like cheesy-bread while it’s cooking, and it’s very light, and well, bread-like. Often hot dogs are too much about the bun, so this turned out to be the perfect housing for my Sonoran hot dogs. I baked the hot dogs in the oven instead of grilling them because I wanted to make sure that the bacon was cooked throughout.


mexican low carb hot dogs -106


  1. What?!?! I’ve never heard of this “Oopsie Bread” and I’ve been off and on Atkins for nearly 20 years, mostly Paleo/Primal for 2.5 years and 100% gluten free for a little over a year. I am so totally making this!

  2. Making these right now; they’re in the oven as I type! I’m wondering, though – how do these heat up or do as leftovers? Are these good the next day, or are they more of a “eat em while they’re hot!” kinda thing?

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