This week I’m  a guest writer/photographer for heart-stoppingly beautiful new magazine about rural culture, Broadway+Thresher. Here’s a link to the article, featuring my photos and the recipe I developed for “Fennel, Blue Cheese & Spanish Chorizo Mini Pizzas”:

I’ve re-posted the recipe below. Please check out the Broadway & Thresher site for  additional photos as well as other recipes from their contributors and editors.

The first time I saw a fennel bulb I thought that if it wasn’t poisonous, it would definitely be bitter. I was wrong. It does have a slightly medicinal quality to it in the way that certain herbs do, but that makes sense because it’s really good for you.

It tastes sweet and clean and a bit astringent. Fennel isn’t a frail herb like cilantro. This plant has substance; a big fat bulb with sturdy stalks similar to celery. It’s become my secret ingredient and it’s a main component to this pizza where I incorporate not only the bulb and stalks, but also the seeds, which are central to authentic Italian cooking.

The fun thing about pizza is that I can throw a bunch of seemingly unrelated items together and make something new. I’ve been experimenting and have found that almost any combination that tastes good on a salad will also be good on a pizza.  For these mini pizzas I started with a classic herb and cheese crust. I used good olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of tomato sauce. For the toppings I did a hot layer of fennel and blue cheese, and then a cold layer once it came out of the oven. of meats and fresh tomatoes.


Top the pizza dough with blue cheese and fennel slice before baking.

fennel and blue cheese pizza prep