The Calypso Cooler

I haven’t had a wine cooler since the 80’s when Bartles & Jaymes were at their heyday. I didn’t even realize they were still being made until I came across a display case stacked with bottles of the Seagram’s version by the supermarket checkout. I was intrigued by the blue colored ones, so I bought one for a dollar along with some black grapes and a quart of vanilla ice cream with the intent to make an adult ice cream soda. I froze the grapes for about 15 minutes before muddling about 10 of them in the bottom of a big glass. I poured in the blue stuff (it was named Calypso Colada) and plopped in a couple of scoops of ice cream. Here’s the photo.

Please note: This isn’t really a healthy recipe, but I wanted to share it anyway! I did use no-sugar-added ice cream and fruit, but the wine coolers are very sweet – an adult version of soda pop. Everything in moderation I always say, so feel free to enjoy it as a treat now and then.